Pool House porch with combination of stencil, air brush and free hand on stucco. Painting with acrylics with polyeurothane coating.

Pool House Detail:Apple using stencil, air brush and free hand technique on stucco.

Grapes using stencil, airbrush and freehand techniques.

Lemon using stencil, airbrush and freehand techniques.

Pineapple using stencil, air brush, and freehand techniques.

Headboard using freehand techniques.

Bed detail showing freehand techniques detail. Polychrome with metallic lustre paints used extensively.

Rooster using glass paints with stencil and freehand techniques. This is painted on ceramic tile that had previously been oil base enamel. It is over a stove and has held up well to cleaning and heat.

Trompe L' Oeil mural in Dining Room. Freehand Italian balcony scene. A major part of the scene is painted on canvas adhered to wall.

This Trompe L' Oeil was painted on folding closet doors. It depicts an Italian enoteca cantina. I t is in acrylics. This work was featured in the Artistic Stenciler Magazine.

This Trompe L'Oeil window is painted in a small bathroom with no window and it effectively opens up the space

This is a scroll work border around a ceiling produced with the use of stencils and freehand painting.

This is an antique tea table with flower painting on the top.

This lap bed table features Trompe L'Oeil card, envelope, pen, crumpled paper, and paper clip. The "teddy bear" is made from a mink stole.

Armoire, oak graining enhances depth of paint.

This stained glass is in an antique window frame that came from a small country church.

This French (Bayol) carousel goat with brass hand hold and horns formerly rode a Kiddie carousel. It has carved fur. To see more carousel figures go to http://merrygoart.com/

Parker Jumper. This figure is 91 inches long. It formerly ran on the Carousel at the Long Beach Pike. This is a Pegasus horse, so named because of its wings. It has a dog behind the saddle.

This smaller track machine carousel horse is an Armitage Herschell. It now rides the plains of Oklahoma.

Barn painting. Acrylics

Tuscan scene that is in the Villa Ambra Hotel dining room in Tuscany, Italy. Acrylic on canvas. The canvas is adhered to the wall.

Rabbit with May Pole Harmonizing ribbon border runs around the room. Freehand main features with stencil border. Acrylic

Ruth with the mural.

Detail of Maypole theme painting.

Ruth with owner of Villa Ambra

Water color rural Italy snow scene.

Western United States barn water color.

Church in Bagnoregia, near Bolsena, Italy. Water color

Mote around Cittadella, Italy. Water Color

Rural American farm water color.

Pier in Costa Smeralda, Sardegna. Water color.

Water color of coast near Vieste, Italy.

Water color of detail from “The Virgin in Prayer” attributed to Giovanni Battista Salvi. 1609-1685 (Virgine Orante)

Water color of church in Montepretosu, Sardegna, Italy.


Crucifix Restored. To see before and restoration picture CLICK HERE.

Restored statue, formerly a lamp. In polychrome and pearlized colors.


Santa Claus- Face made from paper mache.


Painted Furniture

Painted Chest with wheat design. All freehand with acrylics.

Detail of chest wheat design.

Corner armoire Cabinet Entertainment Center Hand Painted with acrylics.

Wooden Fireplace Screen with Hand Painted flower design.

Decorative sign made from wood and painted by hand with acrylics. The fish is chasing a fly that is suspended in front of the mouth by a wire.

A child's table with a “Cow jumped over the Moon” theme.

Armoire entertainment center before painting.

Armoire entertainment center after painting with acrylics. Freehand style.

Freehand fruit bowl painted on ceramic tile above a stove. Oil

Chest before (on right) and after painting with acrylics.

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